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ANS Magazine is published four
times per year by the American Numismatic Society, the nation's preeminent institution devoted to the appreciation and study of coins from all periods and countries. The magazine is sent to ANS members, and articles appear on this website after publication of the print edition.

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Peter van Alfen

Advertising Editor
Joanne D. Isaac

Art Director
Lynn Cole

Rocco Piscatello
Piscatello Design Centre

Alan Roche

Contributing Staff

Gilles Bransbourg
Barry Bridgewater
Peter Donovan
Ethan Gruber
Sebastian Heath
David Hendin
David Hill
Oliver D. Hoover
Joanne D. Isaac
Natalie Jordan
Ute Wartenberg Kagan
Andrew Reinhard
Alan Roche
Elena Stolyarik
Peter van Alfen
Matthew Wittmann

Online Version

ANS member Ed Snible created the initial digital files for volumes 1 through 6.


Advertising inquires for the on-line or print version of the magazine should be directed to Joanne Isaac (212) 571-4470 ext. 112,

The American Numismatic Society Magazine is published four times a year (beginning in 2011) by the American Numismatic Society, 75 Varick Street, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10013; Phone: (212) 571-4470; Fax: (212) 571-4479; Annual subscription rate is $72.00. Copies are mailed to all members of the ANS. Single copy is $18.00. Overseas airmail is an additional cost. A membership in the ANS includes a subscription to the magazine. For individual issues or a subscription please contact: ANS Magazine Subscription Dept., 75 Varick Street, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10013 Phone: (212) 571-4470 117; Fax: (212) 571-4479, email, web site:

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